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Certified Schools partners with schools, districts, and governments to enable transformative technology education strategies. Contact us to learn more about the best option for you and your educational community.

Certified Schools provides everything* schools and educators need to deliver exceptional technology education for their students

*just add time and effort

40+ Interactive Courses

More than forty courses have been designed for each learning level from preschool through graduation. Every course is packed with learning and teaching for practical technology education.

100s of Educator Tools

Designed by educators for educators Certified Schools provides educators with everything they need from lesson plans, teaching strategy guides, activities, curricular integration guides and more.

Prioritizing Future Careers

Our differentiated industry-aligned K-12 curriculum prioritizes conceptual understanding with curriculum covering key technological concepts as the foundation before hands-on skill development.

Proven Technology Education

Since starting at Stanford in 1999, we have developed and delivered technology education for more than 200,000 students.

Video Training and Content

Video content has been selected and developed both for teacher education and for use by teachers in the classroom.

Professional Development

Adding new solutions for education is an important and vital process. Our team will be there every step of the way.

Make Future-Ready Students

Students are hungry to learn about technology. They learn every day how to use technology. With Certified Schools, students learn how technology is made and how to make technology. Understanding how the technologies we use every day are built and how to build them puts students ahead.

Two Free Courses

Educators tell us that they need to test out new solutions to see how they’ll work
for them. We listened and are happy to offer full access to two complete courses.

40+ Premium Courses

Developed by educators for educators Certified Schools is designed for every teacher and includes solutions to easily integrate technology education into existing lessons.

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