How It Works

Digital Media Academy Certified Schools offers schools, districts, and governments a guided process to certification via a pilot project or across your entire school or region. Let’s integrate impactful technology education for every student and teacher.


Schools working with Certified Schools are guided through the process of certification including preparation, pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. Every school is unique and we provide the flexibility and options to ensure success.


  • Form Project Team

  • Establish a Communications Plan

  • Confirm Tech Requirements

Pre Launch

  • Complete Core Team Training

  • Select Courses

  • Set Timelines


  • Launch Communications and Support Plan

  • Launch Teacher Training

  • Deliver Integrated Technology Education

Post Launch

  • Share Student Work

  • Share Best Practices

  • Select Courses and Timelines, and Repeat!


Certified Schools works for teachers. Teachers can quickly get going with technology education using Certified Schools. Through the process of exploring the many courses available, learning from the teacher training, teaching students from the lessons, and sharing the incredible work of you and your students.


Teachers explore more than forty courses customized for students from kindergarten through graduation. Teachers will understand what is available for their students and how courses build on learning from year to year.


Teachers take online on-demand courses at their convenience designed for educators who do not have experience with the technologies being covered.


Deliver exceptional STEM education to students with teacher guides, videos, and resources to easily integrate lessons into existing subjects.


Share your experience and best practices with other educators to lower barriers to entry and inspire others. Share student work through showcases and other opportunities.


Certified Schools provides a curriculum that is designed for differentiated learning and is easy to integrate. What students learn each year is enhanced by building on the Certified Schools lessons integrated in previous years. Certified Schools’ grade specific courses are up-to-date and aligned with the latest technological research, trends, and applications each year.


Student-centric design is at the core of our courses. Students learn to apply design thinking and computational thinking to real-world problems. A student-centric approach provides students with STEAM options anchored in PBL to acquire 21st-century skills. Certified Schools courses enable educators to deliver differentiated and personalized learning.


Teachers have a lot on their plates. Taking on new projects and programs can be challenging without a clear roadmap. An educational program that not only educates teachers about technology but also enables them with the training and resources they need is key to success. Teachers are empowered through built-in, easy to follow training and resource packages.


For schools, ensuring students are being prepared for the learning and careers of the future is vital. Certified Schools provides a clear path to ensuring the future success of students in the classroom and beyond. Our curriculum empowers every educator to integrate foundational concepts of technology into their existing subjects and lessons.


What Are Educators and Students Saying?

Digital Media Academy Certified Schools delivers current and engaging STEM materials for the classroom teacher, which can be used as stand-alone courses or as supplements to an existing STEM program. Certified Schools delivers well thought out materials for classroom teachers by classroom teachers.

Keith Rispin

High School Technology Teacher

Teacher training and professional development around technology are too often created and delivered by people who are not rooted in the classroom and curriculum. Certified Schools focuses on creating learning experiences that are a natural fit with existing curricula and helps teachers and students develop skills that can be applied in multiple subjects. It's developed by educators for educators.


Robin Ulster

Teacher and Instructional Designer

I really liked to study how to program a learning machine. I also liked just to learn new things about AI, things like how it is used, or how you program it.

Grade 7 Student

For me, as a teacher new to coding, I enjoyed the step-by-step approach of AI and Machine Learning. I was unfamiliar with coding and I enjoyed the process of learning these new skills as much as the students.

Yvone DeWith

High School Teacher

The teaching guide videos are great because they develop teachers’ subject knowledge. The teachers felt confident in teaching the curriculum with easy-to-use resources.

David Ring

Deputy Headteacher

I designed a robot with wheels and sensors that would tidy my room!

Year 3 Student

If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.

John Dewey

Philosopher and Educational Reformer