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A Transformative Technology Education Program

A Global Tech Education Program

Digital Media Academy is offering its expertise in technology education directly to schools GLOBALLY and providing K -12 public and private schools with an affordable, practical solution that seamlessly integrates core content area teaching and learning with rich technology skills and concepts.

A Critical Demand for Technology Education

The growing demand for meaningful, inquiry-based technology education in schools has presented challenges and opportunities within the education industry.

Digital literacy is now recognized as a necessity for full participation in society rather than a “nice to have”.

Schools and teachers struggle to prepare students to be future-ready due to the rapid changes in technology.

A Whole-School Solution

Educators of the Certified School program have access to a full range of grade-specific courses that meet standards from internationally recognized leaders in their respective fields

This ensures the most up-to-date and relevant academic progression for students.

Motivating Students

To harness the creative potential of technology through six core learning pathways; to apply design thinking and computational thinking approaches to real-world problem solving ensuring authentic learning.

Empowering Teachers

Through built-in, easy to follow training and resource packages and online help desk. Course offerings and materials are up-to-date and aligned with current technological research, trends and applications.

Connecting Schools

With video series on the latest technology trends, industry applications, and imaginative school projects; offering global shared learning among Certified Schools parents, teachers, students, and admin staff.

The Certified Schools Difference

A Full Range of K – 12 Courses

Courses are designed to meet the different developmental stages of students from K-12, while being responsive to the knowledge and experience that every teacher brings to the classroom.

Differentiated Learning

Recognizing that no two students are exactly the same, Certified Schools allows for flexibility and customization for teachers and students. Instructional materials take into consideration the diverse interests of the students – the gamers as much as the artists, the writers as much as the mathematicians.

Built-in Training & Resource Package

Supporting materials for teachers include teaching strategies guides, course training videos, cross-curricular integration maps, lesson-ready materials, and standards alignment for assessment.

Transforming Classrooms

Instructional materials are media-rich, age appropriate and timely to engage the entire class in transformative learning experiences covering a broad range of discussion topics, activities and projects to foster group collaboration, creative experimentation and interest-based learning.  

Minimal Upfront Cost

All courses make use of free, high quality, web-based software that works seamlessly on basic personal computers or tablets. Schools only have to pay a fixed annual subscription fee, based on the total number of students to embark on a guided implementation journey.

Six Learning Pathways towards Future Readiness

With our 20 years experience as a leader in technology education innovation, Digital Media Academy’s curriculum is built upon six learning pathways which work together to impart true problem-solving. Students develop interdisciplinary skills while collaborating on real-world projects.

True Flex Learning

Course content, scheduling and pacing are flexible and readily adaptable to the needs of schools, teachers and students, and national curricula.

Digital Media Academy Develops Future-Ready Students

Students are equipped with the skills necessary to adapt to any learning situation and the unpredictable job market of the future.


We are excited to help bring our Certified Schools program to your school.

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